FROZEN MEAT are wholesales of frozen beef meat. We offer a wide array of meat Approve and Certify from Meat plants. Which meets the highest quality standards as set by the Food and drug agency of the client port of entry. Our pride is in the supply of quality frozen beef/Buffalo which is our speciality. We know that the quality of our frozen meat products is just as important to your customers as profit is to you. Packaging sizes can be tailor make for wholesale. And retail purposes in order to meet buyers requirements.

As a wholesale Halal beef suppliers, our beef products are available with strictly control Halal certification. Our main customers are importers and buyers in the following food sectors: Industry, Wholesale, Restaurants, Food service & Retail. We have experience in both wholesale and distribution of frozen meat product, doing delivering to Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Middle East, United Kingdom, Ireland and mainland Europe, South/North American.

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